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Loyal Judith Germany to Pennsylvania 1732

Contributor: Dave Rohde
Date: Aug. 21, 2001
Source: The enclosed lists are copied as they appear without alteration or change from the text of the 1934 printing of "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" A list of ships arriving in Philadelphia 1727 to 1808 , Vol. 1, 1727 to 1775 by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D. edited by William John Hinke, Ph.D., D.D.

This list has the ages following. Other lists may show letters in parenthesis in the body of the name, this is where the individual made their mark. Other letters following names or titles in the texts are for subscript letters in the original print. Also in the original text there were two columns, the list follows left col. name, right col. name then again.

[List 24 A] [Palatines iported in the Ship Loyal Judith, of London, Rob(t) Turpin, M(r). Qualified Sep(r) 25th 1732.]

Mens Names       Ages

Andreas Chars       47
John Adam Able       44
Adam Char       20
Hans Jacob Able       16
Jn(o) Michell Emort       39
Matthew Barstayn       39
Jacob Stealy       25
Roland Brown       30
Mathias Smith       40
John Jurgh Rick       32
Hendrick Papts       35
Hants Mickell Kragin       31
John Jurigh Smith       21
Jurigh Ritter (sick)       37
John Jurigh Brothell       32
Wm Bearne       36
Phillip Spinchire       45
Jurgh Hants Kunts       55
Jacob Spinchire       48
Hants Jurgh Kunts       19
Pieter Scheaver       24
John David Lince       20
Christian Reap       24
Baulus Miller       53
Piter Kitter       45
Cronomus Miller       23
Jacob Miller       52
Hants Wattlee       50
Hendrick Gaabell       65
Petter Sowder       48
Johanns Oterpack       27
Hants Phillip Sowder       17
Jurgh Burghart       56
Samuell Griffe       45
John Jurgh Noll       36
Johanes Jerig Houfman       45
Petter Rouch       35
Martien Heylman       23
Fredrick Killer       30
Johannes Heylman       16
John Jurge Waganer       52
Martin Waybrick       43
Mickell Pents       27
Jurigh Harkman       28
John Jacob Kinssell       36
Hants Jurig Obremiler       24
John Jurgh Pelman       40
Christopher Lay      37
John Mickell Rayer       16
Johan Jurig Fredrik       30
Hants Carll Reayer       22
Hants Jurigh Honick       20
Hants Martin Rayer       16
John Feyt Jurigher       42
Christien Ely       49
Andreas Shank       23
Hants David Elly       20
Mickell Smith       25
Jacob Lishire (dead)       37
Jacob Billmayer       18
Jacob Lishire       30
Michell Emert       42
Lodwick Happell       36
Phillip Gripper       29
Mathews Shitz       34
John Mickell Houpacker       32
Coneard Fry [?]       52
Petter Shultes       20
Phillip Lendea Ceavy       26
Petter Cooker       20
Hans Jurge Reser       52
Jurigh Mick(el) Rey       22
Jurgh Adam Reser       22
John Cristian Shults,
V.D.M.       30
Phillip Roup       51
John Jurge Hotreman       32
Michell Roup       22
Jacob Stambagh       28
Lenord Kegill       48
John Fridrick Hayster       25
Barnard Walter       58
Hants Jurgh Able       63
Conrad Millear       17
Jacob Krech       22
Hendrick Acker      32
John Fradrick Burghart      30
Phillip Jacob Acker      36
Johannes Vogall       32
Johannes Pens       23
Hans Martin Power       30
Hants Andreas Cochenderfer..
Jurigh Miller       23
Hants Adam Gasser       32
Hants Jurgh Strian       21
Johan Hendrik Eckler       21
Johannes Smeltzer       26
Jones Wolf       40
Johannes Repman       19
Lenard Losts       25
Johann Michell Albert       20
Marcus Yong       23
Christian Kym      32
Mathew Yong       21
Fredrick Sheaver      19
Hendrick Laybagger      46
Hans Martin Waybright       17
Johan Nicolas Reymer       30
Johannes Reep       ..
Joseph Baker       25
Casper Creamer       ..
Baltser Conkell       20
Conrad Walther       ..
Valentyn Roepert, sick      28
John Jorig Fredrick Emert     ..
Jn(o) Jurgh Furkill       28
Jacob Rats       ..
Hants Bitneagle       31
Hants Jourgh Roup       27
Hans Shooman       32
Johanes Ester       25

119 men A true List. Rob. Turpin.

Philad(ia) Sept(r) 25th 1732. At the Courth(o) in presence of the Hon(bl) the Gov(r) & Sam. Hasell, Esq(r), May(r), the within List was swore to by Rob. Turpin, Master of Pink Loyal Judith. Rob(t) Charles, Cl. Con.

"At the Courthouse aforesaid, Sep(r) 25th 1732. One hundred and fifteen Palatines, Who with their Families, making in all....Persons, were imported here in the ship Loyal Judith, of London, Robert Turpin, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, as by Clearance thence." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in the Colonial Records, Vol. III, p.456.

[List 24 B] Palatines imported in the Ship Loyall Judith, of London, Rob(t). Turpin, M(r)., from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes, p. Clearance thence. Qualified Sep(r). 25th 1732.

Johannes Christian Schultz,Minister
Johan Adam Gaar
Johann Michael Ebert
Andreas Gaar
Jacob Steli
Hans Adam Abel
Phil. Jacob (H) Acker
Johann Jacob Abel
Johann Georg Rucke
Mathias (O) Paarsteyn
Hans Mich. (X) Criger
Rudolph (X) Brown
Wilhelm (X) Berne
Mathias (X) Smit
Hans Gerg Kuntz
Hendrich (O) Papst
Hans Gerg Kuntz
Johann Georg Schmidt
Joh(s) David (X) Lince
Hans Filipp Spanseuller
Baulus Muller
Jacob Spansailer
Cronomus (X) Miller
Hans Peter Schafer
Hans Wadtli
Christian (X) Reepp
Pedter Saudter
Peter Keiter
Johann Filb Sauter
Johannes Keiter
Samuel (O) Griffe
Jacob (J) Miller
Johann Georg Hoffmann
Henrich Gobell
Marthin Heilmann
Joh(s) (X) Outerbach
Johannes Heilman
Han[n]s Jerch Burk[art]
Marthin Weybrecht
Hans Jerig (X) Noll
Johann Georg Obermuller
Peter Rauch
Georg Christoph Lay
Friedrich Kohler
Johann Georg Friderich
Hans Jerg Wagner
Johann Georg Honnig
Mich(1) (X) Pents
Johann Veit Jorger
Jacob Kuntzel
Andreas (X) Shank
Joh(s) Jerig (O) Pelman
Georg Michael Schmidt
Jn(o) Mich(1) (X) Rayer
Jacob Buhlmayer
Johann Carl Reyer
Michael Emmert
Johann Martin Roir
Philipp Ernst Gruber
Christians Ehley
Johann Micharl Hoffacker
Hans David (O) Ely
Georg Peter Schultes
Jacob (O) Lischire
Johann Peter Kucher
Ludwig Happel
Jerig Mich(1) (O) Rey
Mathaus Schutz
Johan Georg Nadderman
Conrad Fry
Hans Jacob Stambach
Filip Lutwi[g] Gufi
Johann Friderich Hesser
Hans Jerg Riser
Hans Jerig (O) Able
Gorg Adam Riser
Jn(o) Fred. (JFB) Burghart
Philip Raup
Johannes Vogel
Mich(1) (X) Roup
Johannes Benz
Lenhart Kegell
Andreas Kochendorff
Bernard (X) Walter
Hans Atam Gasser
Hendrick (H) Acker
Johann Henrich Eckler
Jonas (X) Woolf
George Muller
Lenhart Lotz
Hans Jerig (X) Traan
Marcus Jung
Joh(s) (X) Smeltzer
Matheus Jung
Johannes Rebmann
Henrich Leibacher
Johann Michel Albert
Johan Nicklaus Romer
Christian Gum
Johan Becker
Friedrich Schafer
Baltzar (X) Conkell
Hans Martin Weybrecht
Joh(s) Jerig (O) Furkell
Joh(s) Reep
Joh(s) (X) Pintnagle
Hans Jerig (X) Birstler
Hans Jerg Raub
Casper Kramer
Johan Summann
Conrad Walther
Johannes Huster
Johann Gorg Fredrig Emmert
Hans Martin Bau[er]
Jacob Protz

[List 24 C]Palatines imported in the Ship Loyall Judith, of London, Rob(t). Turpin, Mr. Qualif(d). Sep(r). 25th 1732.

Johannes Christian Schultz, Minister
Hans Georg (X) Noll
Peter Rauch
Andreas Gaar
Friedrich Kohller
Johan Adam Gaar
Hans Jerg Wagner
Johann Michael Ebert
Michael (X) Pens
Jacob Steli
Jacob Kuntzel
Hans Adam Abel
Hans Georg (O) Bellmann
Johann Jacob Abel
Hans Michael (X) Reyer
Matthes (O) Barestein
Johann Carl Reyer
Rudolph (X) Brown
Johann Martin Roir
Matthes (O) Schmidt
Christians Ehley
Henrich (O) Pabst
Hans David (O) Ehley
Johann Georg Schmidt
Jacob (O) Lischer
Hans Fielips Spanseuller
Ludwig Happel
Jacob Spansailer
Mathaus Schutz
Hans Peter Schafer
Conrad Fry
Christian (X) Rape
Philip Lutwi[g] Gufi
Peter Keiter
Hans Jerg Riser
Johannes Keiter
Gorg Adam Riser
Jacob (X) Muller
Philip Raupp
Henrich Gobell
Michael (X) Raub
Johannes (X) Otterbach
Lenhart Kegell
Hans Jerch Burkart
Bernhard (X) Walter
Henrich (H) Acker
Johann Friderich (X) Burckhart
Philip Jacob (X) Acker
Johan Gorg Ruck
Johannes Vogel
Hans Michael (X) Krieger
Johannes Benz
Wilhelm (O) Berne
Andreas Cochenderff
Hans Jerg Kuntz
Hans Atam Gasser
Hans Jerg Kuntz
Johann Henrich Eckler
Hans David (X) Lentz
Jonas (X) Wolff
Baulus Muller
Lenhart Lotz
Hieronimus (M) Muller
Marcus Jung
Hans Wadtli
Mattheus Jung
Pedter Saudter
Heinrich Leibacher
Johann Filb Sauter
Johan Nicklaus Romer
Samuel (X) Griffi
Joseph Herman Becker
Johann Gerog Hoffmann
Balthasar (O) Gunkel
Marthin Heilman
Johann Georg (O) Vorkel
Johannes Heilmann
Johannes (X) Pintnagel
Marthin Weybrecht
Hans Jerg Raub
Johann Georg Obermuller
Johan Schauman
Georg Christoph Lay
Johannes Huster
Johann Georg Friederich
Hans Martin Baur
Johann Georg Honnig
George Muller
Johann Veit Jorger
Hans Georg (X) Thran
Andreas (X) Schenck
Johannes (O) Schmeltzer
Georg Michael Schmidt
Johannes Rebmann
Jacob Buhlmayer
Johan Michel Albert
Michael Emmert
Christian Gum
Philipp Ernst Gruber
Friedrich Schaffer
Johann Michael Hoffacker
Hans Martin Weybrecht
Georg Peter Schultes
Johannes (O) Reep
Johann Peter Kucher
Hans Georg (X) Borstler
Georg Michael (X) Rey
Casper Kramer
Johan Gorg Nadderman
Conrad Walther
Hans Jacob Stambach
Johann Friedrich Emmert
Johann Friderich Hesser
Jacob Protz
Hans Georg (O) Abel Sept(r) 25th 1732 At the Courthouse before the Gov(r), attended by some of the Magistrates, the foregoing Qualifications were taken & sub- scribed by the sev(1) foreigners whose Names are contained on this Leaf & the preceding Page. Rob(t) Charles, Cl. Con.

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