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Baptismal Register 1756-1774 from THE OLD DUTCH CHURCH AT TOTOWA NJ

Source: Baptismal Register 1756-1808, from THE OLD DUTCH CHURCH AT TOTOWA by William Nelson, Paterson, NJ: Press Printing and Publishing Co., 269 Main St., copyright 1892

Format is: Father, mother; child, birthdate, baptism date; Wits: male witness, female witness, additional witnesses.
Any notes from Nelsonís text delineated by brackets, e.g., [no name]; e.g., [bapt. at Adrian Van Houten's house at the bridge.]
Transcribed by Barbara Erwin-McGuire, October, 2001. My comments in these brackets: {xxx}
Spelling, captilization, all kept as per Nelsonís book. Please e-mail me for typos [email protected], and Iíll fix them!

  • Hendrick Francisco, Marytje Snyer; Elizabeth, b 9 Jul, bp 8 Aug 1756; Wits: Jacob Francisco, Antje Snyer
  • Helmich D: Van Houte, Antje Post; Elizabeth, b 23 Oct, bp 27 Oct 1756; Wits: Cornelus van Houte, Fytje van Houte
  • Johannis Ryke, Eva Sherman; Abraham, b [no date], bp 19 Mar 1758; Wits: Johannis Spier, Lea Post
  • Petrus vaness, Hendrica Pier; Marytje, b 21 Mar, bp 16 Apr 1758; Wits: Johannis Pier, Hester vaness
  • Thomas mills, Majeke Post; Martha, b 8 Aug, bp 8 Sep 1758; Wits: Cornelus Westerveld jun, Jannitje vanHoorn
  • Hendrick Jacobusse, Sara Stynmetz; Conelus, b 13 Aug, bp 3 Sep 1758; Wits: Cornelus Spier, Sophia Jacobusse
  • Niclaes Low, Sarah Low; Johannis, b 7 Sep, bp 1 Oct 1758; Wits: Cornelus Low, Arrijaentje Low
  • Pieter Berry, Susanna Jones; Pieter, b 1 Dec, bp 25 Dec 1758; Wits: Jacobus Barjo, Hester Berry
  • [blank], [blank]; Corneliaus Low, b 21 Sep 1745, bp [no date]; Wits: [no name], [no name]
  • yurye westervelt, Marritye gerritse; Cornelus, b 2 May, bp 17 May 1760; Wits: Pieter Post, Marregriet zyn vrou
  • Cornelus van houten, Marretye v: giese; Lena, b 24 Nov, bp 25 Dec 1761; Wits: Johannes v. giese, Aeltye v. giese
  • hendrick Bruyn, Catriena Beem; Sara, b 17 Jun, bp 26 Jul 1761; Wits: abraham Beem, zyn huysvrou
  • Samuel Rome, grietye Kool; hendrick, b 16 Feb, bp 12 Apr 1762; Wits: Barent Kool, Sara Kool
  • Johannis Cadmes, feytye v: houten; Cornelia, b 6 Mar, bp 1762; Wits: hellimich v: houten, Jannetye zyn vrou
  • Pieter mandeviel, Maria Bertolf; Jan, b 19 Sep, bp 1762; Wits: hendrick Mandeveal, Marregrietye zy vrou
  • Johannis v: giesen, Metye v: houten; Dirck, b 14 Jan, bp 23 Jan 1763; Wits: Cornelis v: houten, marytje zyn vrou
  • Dirck v: Rijpen, Elisabeth meet; Yurrie, b 26 Mar, bp 1763; Wits: gerrit v: Rijpen, Lena zyn vrou
  • Poules Rattan, Jannetye Bord; Poulis, b 30 Mar, bp 1763; Wits: helmich v: houten, Eva zyn vrou
  • Dirck Ryerson, Lena Ryerson; geertye, b 16 Apr, bp 1763; Wits: Joris Ryerson, Antye hennion
  • Jacobus Post, Metye gerritse; Johannis, b 14 May, bp 1763; Wits: Johannes Post, Caterina v: houten
  • Johannis v: houten, Leybetye v: Reypen; yannetye, b 31 Oct, bp 4 Dec 1763; Wits: frans Post, Catelyntye van houten
  • Teunes Dey, Hester Schuylder; David, b 30 Nov, bp 25 Dec 1763; Wits: De Vader, & Moeder
  • Cornelus neefyes, aeltye v: giesen; Catelyntye, b 10 Dec, bp 25 Dec 1763; Wits: Johannes Neefyes, Lena Dy
  • Barent Cool, Cateryna Post; femmetye, b 28 Jan, bp 26 Feb 1764; Wits: Mechiel koock, en Selle Cool
  • Robbert Clark, grietye lyn; Mareytye, b 18 Feb, bp 18 Mar 1764; Wits: Jan lyn, Catrina lyn
  • Cornelus van houten, Marretye van giesen; Elisabeth & feytye (twins), b 14 Mar, bp 8 Apr 1764; Wits: Robbert van houten, Elisabeth Post, Johannes van houten, Leybetye van Rypen
  • Niccase Kip, Leya Mandeviel; Antye, b 25 May, bp 10 Jun 1764; Wits: Hendrick Sisco, en zyn vrou
  • gerrit gerritse, Ragel westervelt; Marritye, b 1 Jun, bp 8 Jul 1764; Wits: Hendrick gerritse, Zyn Moeder Marritye
  • Poules Rutan, Iannetye bord; Antye, b 14 Jul, bp 30 Jul 1764; Wits: Joris Bord, Zyn Doghter Lena
  • Johannes Neefyes, Lena Dy; gerrit, b 25 Sep, bp 14 Oct 1764; Wits: Cornelus Neefyes, Aeltye van giesen
  • Joris Ryerson, Zyn vrou [his wife]; Antye, b [no date], bp 14 Oct 1764; Wits: Dirck Ryerson, Lana Zyn vrou
  • Direck Van Ripen, Elizabeth meet; Jacob, b 2 Jan, bp 27 Jan 1765; Wits: Jacob Berry, Gretey meet
  • France Post, Catelyntye van houten; Mareytye, b 14 Jan, bp 17 Feb 1765; Wits: garret v Ripen, Lena Syn vrow
  • Roelif v: houten, Antye hennion; Robbert, b 28 Mar, bp 1 May 1774; Wits: Hessel Peterse, feytye v: houten
  • Jan hopper, feytye Doorremus; Catrina, b 7 Apr, bp 1 May 1774; Wits: Andries hopper, Catrina hopper
  • Jurre westervelt, Marretje gerretse; Steven, b 16 Apr, bp 22 May; Wits: Steven bogert, geesye westervelt
  • Hendrick v: Blercom, Annaetye v: wenkel; vrouwetye, b 20 May, bp 29 May 1774; Wits: Antoni v: Blercom, Annaetye Koock
  • Petrus v: houten, Leya v: Rypen; Elisabeth, b 13 May, bp 29 May 1774; Wits: Johannes v giesen, Metye v: houten
  • frans v: blercom, Jackomyn v: horn; Antoni, b 8 Jul, bp 24 Jul; Wits: De Vader, en De Moeder
  • Hessel Ryerson, Doorte Earl; geertye, b 5 Jul, bp 24 Jul; Wits: John gerritse, geertye Ryerson
  • Johannis westervelt, Elizabeth bogert; grietye, b 14 Jul, bp Aug 1774; Wits: [illegible], [illegible]
  • Roelif v. houten, Annaetye kip; Johannes, b 29 Jul, bp 21 Aug 1774; Wits: Johannes v houten, en zyn vrouw
  • Gerrit gerritse, Marregrietye gerritse; Johannes, b 18 Sep, bp 2 Oct 1774; Wits: yurre westervelt, Marritye gerritse
  • Nickase v: blercom, Catrienna Post; John, b 25 Sep, bp 16 Oct 1774; Wits: John v: blercom, Catrienna v: Rypen
  • henderick Merceker, Maria Kranck; Johannis, b 4 Oct, bp 30 Oct 1774; Wits: Johannis Cirris, Maria Jacobosse
  • Harmanes Meyer, Ragel Hardenbergh; Johannes Herdenbergh, b 19 Oct 1774, bp 13 Nov; Wits: Johannis Hardenbergh, Maria du Bois
  • hendrick Jacobusse, Lena v. blercom; Johannes, b 15 Oct, bp 13 Nov 1774; Wits: Lyes Smit, Maria Jacobosse
  • Jacob vreland, geertye v:winkel; Hartman, b 2 Nov, bp 13 Nov 1774; Wits: Roelif v: houten, Antye hennion
  • adman kingland, polle; Johannis, b [no date], bp 13 Nov 1774; Wits: [no name], Ester Dey
  • John Drummund, Elisabeth Bruyn; Nence, b 16 Jul, bp 21 Aug 1774; Wits: Hendrick Spier, Polliy Drummond
  • Jacob Doorremus, Nieltye Pier; Sara, b 25 Oct, bp 4 Dec 1774; Wits: Cornelus Doorremus, Sara Ryerson
  • Peter Post, Geertye Jacobosse; Marcke, b 28 Nov, bp 18 Dec 1774; Wits: Adreyaen Jacobosse, Polle van Rypen
  • Cornelus van winkel, Aanaetye van Rypen; Waeling, b 2 Dec, bp 18 Dec 1774; Wits: Waeling v: winkel, Maria v: winkel
  • Adreyaen van houten, Marretye Cadmus; Abraham, b 16 Dec, bp 26 Dec 1774; Wits: Dirck van houten, Ragel Newkerk

Baptisms in the Old Dutch Church, Totowa, New Jersey:
1756-1774 | 1775-1777 | 1778-1779 | 1780-1781 | 1782-1784 | 1785-1787 | 1788-1789 | 1790-1791 | 1792-1793 | 1794 | 1795 | 1796 | 1797 | 1798 | 1799 | 1800 | 1801-1802 | 1803-1804 | 1805-1806 | 1807-1822


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