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Contributor: [email protected]
Date: Feb. 2002

Name; Age

Hans Wm Stuckrath; 27
Anna Margaretta; 28
Anna Clara; 10
Catharine; 4
John Marcus; 1/2

Anna Wormserin, widdow; 36

Niclaus Jungens works in ye Govr gard; 38
Anna Magdalena; 25

Frantz Lucas at New Rochelle at Mr. Chadden; 38
Maria Eliz. his daughter; 20
Frantz; 13
Anna Maria; 9
Anne; 7
Anna Catharina; 4

Matheis Bronck works in ye Govr gard; 50
Anna Christina his daughter; 22
John Hendrick his son; 16

Johannes Jung; 32
Anna; 35

Baltzar Wenerich; 32
Christina; 33
Frantz; 5
Johannes; 1/2

Anna Apolona Sieknerin, widdow; 44
Johannes dead; 9
Johan Jacob; 7

Johanes Planck; 43
Maria Margt; 32
Johanna Eliz; 14
Ludwig Henrich; 6

Hans Adam Zoiner; 52
Maria before Baumersin; 40

Andreas Richter; 47
Anna Maria; 45
Andreas; 45
Anna Barbara; 9

Anna Maria Mengelsin; widdow; 27
John Carolus; 3
Anna Maria; 5
Juliana; 1-1/2

Maria Margt Scherin, widdow; 23

Anna Eliz Deitrich orphan; 20
Anna Gertrude; 12

Peter Garlack; 37
Magdalena; 39
Margaretta; 12

Hironimus Klein; 38
Maria; 38
Amalia; 12
Anna Eva; 14
Anna Eliz; 6

Anna Catherina Erbin widdow; 44
Eliz Catha; 9

Magdelena Baumin woddow; 29
Johan Niclaus; 15

Maria Cath Bornwaserin widdow; 26

Maria Cath Schutzin widdow; 40
Hans Valentine; 17
Maria Catherine; 17
John Henrich; 12

Maria Niesin widdow; 38
Maria Magdalena; 15

Frances Baschin widdow; 40
Margaretha; 20

Susannah Baschin widdow; 40
Susannah Maria; 1

Anna Maria Cramerin widdow; 38
Her eldest Sone; 18
Maria Eliz; 12
John Hendrich; 7
Anna Catharina; 5
Juliana Maria; 1-1/2

Sittonia Melchlin widdow; 41
Anna Maria; 11
Anna Eliz; 8

Anna Cath Batzin;
John Ludwig;7

Anna Maria Reichin orph; 17
Anna Margt dead; 8
Hans Thomas A; 12

Jeane Bruiere orph; 18
Jacque; 15
Susannah; 6

Anna Eliz Rorbaalin widdow; 34
Anna Morga; 11

Anna Eliz Schulizin widdow; 22

Conrad Frederich; 52
Anna Maria; 45
John Peter; 14
John Conrad; 13

Lucas Hauch dead; 44
Anna Magda; 45
Maria Cathar; 16
Maria Margt; 18
John Jacob; 13
John George; 12
Maria Eliz; 11
Johannes; 4

Johan Phillip Greisler; 40
Catharine; 40
John George; 11
Johannes; 7

Ludwig Buers; 32
Maria Cath; 28
Catharine; 3

George Ludwig Leicht; 56
Anna Margatta; 58

Johan Henrich Newkirk; 36
Anna Maria; 33
Johannes; 11
John Henrich dead; 8

Anna Almerodrin widdow; 67

Johan Henrich Leicht; 24
Anna Eliz; 20

Johan Henrich Gossinger; 31
Anna Eliz; 27
Anna Margt; 2

Conrad Hellich dead; 30
Anna Marie; 26
Johannes dead; 1

Christopher Daunermarker; 28
Christina; 28
Cath Eliz; 8

Anna Margt Danemark widdow; 58

Christina Strud; 40
Maria Ursula; 28
Catharine; 13
Anna Maria; 11
John Jacob; 9
Maria Catherine; 13

Andreas Elich; 37
Anna Rosina; 23
John George; 3

Johannes Engelle; 31
Anna Christina; 12
Anna Maria; 8
Anna Eliz; 4

Michael Pseffer; 32
Anna Maria; 28

Michael Storr; 38
Anna Marg; 48
Eliz Catharine; 12

Johan Deitrick Wannermacher; 28

Peter Jacob Kornman dead; 51
Anna Conigunda dead; 52
Anna conig; 24
John Christopher; 12

Susannah Weisin; 36

Umbert Rosin; 45

Maria Barbara Onin; 36

Conrad Lein; 56
Maria Marga; 46
Juliana; 18
Margareta; 14
Anna Maria; 12
Abraham; 10
Conrad; 7

Peter Ableman; 42
Anna Margareta; 32

Anna Maria Benderin widdow; 44
Eva Catharina; 12
John Matheus; 8

Arnold Falck; 36
Anna Eliz; 35
Johannes; 6

Anna Conegunda Rusin widdow; 44
Anna Catharina; 14
Anna Margaretta; 10
Maria Catharina; 8

Johannes Kuatz; 40

Maria Cath Hebmannin widdow; 40
Anna Engle; 21
Gertraude; 14
Anna Magdalena; 11

Anna Maria Sacksin widdow; 30

John Matheus Keiser; 23

Johnnes Trilhauser; 23

Bernhard Lickard; 25
Justina; 32

Johan Wm Schneider; 28

Helena Brilmannin orph; 17

Valtin Bressler; 41
Christina; 36
Anna Eliz; 14
Anna Gertrude; 12
Andreas; 9
Anthony; 5
Maria Agnes; 1/2

Andreas Weidnecht; 40
Margaret; 40
George Fred; 13
John George; 11
Anna Eliz; 9

Johannes Baer; 40
Anna; 27
John Fred; 10
John Jacob; 4

Melchior Dausweber; 55
Maria Christina; 20
Anna Maria; 17

Eliz Lampertin widdow; 47
Erhard; 13
Frantz Adam; 11

Maria Meyin widdow; 45
Anna Eliz; 9

Maria Monen; 23
John Phillips; 2

George Romer; 30
Eliz; 26

Ulrich Simendinger; 38
Anna Margaretta; 26

Christian Castleman; 36
Anna Judeth; 27
Eva Maria Cath; 1/2

John Deitrich Scahtz; 38
Magdalena; 42
Hans Peter; 14

Anna Eliz Maulin widdow; 42
Anna Catharina; 13
Anna Ursula; 16
Catharina; 12
Anna Maria; 5

Frederick Maul; 31
Anna Ursula; 31
John Jacob; 4
Anna Catharina; 5
NB John Paul orph; 12

Peter Wickhaus; 32
Eliz Catharina; 31
Maria Catha; 15

Vernonica Zwickin widdow; 39
Marcus; 1
John Martin; 6
Anna Margaretta; 14

Johannes Lohrentz; 43
Anna Margaretta; 39
Anna Eliz; 15
Magdalena; 13
Anna Barbara; 11
Alexander; 1/2

Caspar Hartwig; 39
Anna Eliz; 39
Johan Bernhard; 8
Magdalena; 10

Magdelna Offin widdow; 32
Johan Jacob; 8
Anna Barbara; 6

Anna Eva Morellin widdow; 48
Anna Apolonia; 18
Anna Barbara; 11

Michael Henneschid; 36
Anna Catharina; 30
Casper; 11
John Peter; 1
Maria Sophia; 6

John Peter ffucks; 31
Anna Margt; 24

Anna Maria Heidin widdow; 50

Deitrich Feversback; 21

Christopher Werner; 35
Maria Magdalena; 23
John Matheus; 3

Johan Paul Badner; 19

Schoneborin; 25

Elizabetha Mullerin widdow; 42
Jacob; 15
Melchior; 13
Niclaus; 6
Anna Engell; 3

Nichlaus Heisterbach; 53
Johan Jacob; 4
Christina Cath; 10

Elizabetha Nollin widdow; 66

Apollonia Lintzin widdow; 40
Anna Catha; 16
Anna Margt; 13
Anna Eva; 6

Johanna Zangerin widdow; 33
John Peter; 13
Note: The poor widow's son whose name is found here among this crowd of obscure & helpless Immigrants became subsequently famous in New York annals. He was apprenticed to Wm. Bradford the printer and became afterwards the proprietor and publisher of the N. Y. Weekly Messenger. In consequences of the boldness of its strictures on the government, this paper was ordered to be burnt by the Common hangman and Zenger the Palatine, was indicted for Libel in 1734. It was on this occasion that Hamilton of Philadelphia so triumphantly vindicated the liberty of the Press and obtained Zenger's acquittal amid the cheers of the crowded court.
Johannes; 7
Anna Catharina; 10

Anna Maria Gablin widdow; 34
Anna Maria; 7

Benedictus Kuhner; 36
Anna Felice; 40
Jacob; 4
Eva Barbara; 9

Anna Elizabetha Laukin; 42

Margaretta Schmidtin widdow; 27
Johan Daniel; 4

Daniel Teffa; 30
Marianna; 11
Abraham; 7

Margaret Meserin widdow; 50
Johannes; 15
Susan Cath; 10

Maria Galete widdow; 38
Sarah Margaret; 7
Jacob; 4

Simon Vogdt; 30
Christina; 26

John Wm ffelton; 30
Christina; 28
Anthoni; 11
Anna Clara; 17

Hermanus Hoffman; 30
Maria Gertrude; 30
These two remains at Hackensack at John Lotz's

Ludolf Korning; 50
Otillia; 50
Catharina; 16
Anna Dorothea; 15
Conrad; 7
Johanna Eliz: Fucks frau; 22

Bernhard Erkel; 53
Anna Maria; 43

Elizab Salbachin; 15

Johnnes Deible; 38
Anna Catharina; 7

Catharina Mullerin widdow; 36
Hans George; 1/2

Johan Jacob Starenburger; 45
Catharina; 33
Johan Langsert; 14
Anna Cathar; 12
John Jacob; 11
John Adam; 5

Johan Fredch Neff dead; 34
Johan dead; 8

Johannes Dorner; 36
Anna Margaretta dead; 40

Anna Cath Grauin; 40
Anna Eliz; 18
Anna Sophia; 10
Johannes; 11

Henrich Schmidt; 54
Anna Eliz; 54
Clements; 24
Wilhelm; 20
Hans George; 13
John Niclaus; 9
Anna Maria; 18

Daniel Schumacher; 30
Anna Maria; 36
Hans Niclaus; 8
Johan Lenhard; 5
Eva Cahtarina; 12

Phillip Petr Grauberger; 29
Anna Barbara; 33

Johannes Roschman; 33
Anna Eliz; 30
Maria Cath; 9


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